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Lars Bergersen and Olivia Bergersen at Wood boat show

About Us

At Bergersen Boat Co. we love what we do! Wood boats are our passion and we put the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do.  With an eye toward detail, quality, innovation and performance our team provides a level of expertise that is second to none. Whether restoring your wood boat to original condition or upgrading with modern features we can handle your entire project from start to finish. If you can dream it we can build it!

Shepherd boats aficionado

We are proud to have earned the title 'The Shepherd boats aficionado'.

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Lars Bergersen wood shop

Lars Bergersen

At the age of four Lars Bergersen astounded his parents when they heard hammering from the basement where he was repairing a broken stair tread. Several years later he constructed his first wooden boat -- a ten foot aircraft carrier for his model planes.

The basement shop was where Lars listened to a TV that had only snow for a picture. He turned images in his mind into two and three dimensional objects in paper and wood.

His love of the grace of sculptured forms floating on water must be genetic. His great grandfather Jeremias Bergersen was a commercial fisherman who fished in the Loften Islands off the coast of Norway in the arctic circle.

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His grandfather, Norm Bergersen a noted craftsman, died on his sailboat in the Benjamin Islands while fabricating a custom teak louvered hatch using a huge flat boulder as a workbench.  Lars designed the Bergersen Boat Company logo to pay homage to his grandfather.

As a young man Lars earned his apprenticeship at Streblow Custom Boats under the “nothing less than perfection” mentorship of Randy Streblow.

Wood boats by Bergersen Boat
Bergersen Boat Co.

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Lars can bend wood, windshield glass, stainless steel and aluminum to faithfully restore any classic boat. He can also redesign interior, electrical or mechanical systems to your specifications and current marine codes.

Lars's quality craftsmanship and eye for detail can be seen not only on the boats that are entrusted to his care, but also in a variety of custom pieces that he builds for his customers. You name it, Lars can build it for you. 

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